Improve Your Local Search Results in Google with Search Accelerator

Reputation Staff Writer UK’s  webinar, entitled Improve Your Local Search Results in Google with Search Accelerator, is now available on-demand.

Click the player to watch the webinar and gain expert insight from leaders in the field of local search optimisation.

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Many brands would love to rank higher in search to boost visibility for their business. However, some don’t understand the complexities of Google rankings. For example, did you know that over 25% of Google’s search algorithm is based on your Google My Business (GMB) listing? An additional 15% is based on your online reviews and star ratings, which customers often share through Google. Thus, signals from your GMB listing can account for a whopping 40% of your search ranking factors.

In May, we ran a webinar for businesses looking to leverage the power that online search can bring. It focused on three key areas:

  1. Building credibility and engagement by sharing customer feedback on your website
  2. Optimising your Google Maps and Google Ads content
  3. Ranking higher in local search with Search Accelerator

What Was Covered:

  • Why Search Accelerator and Google Seller Ratings (GSR) are the next big thing for SEO
  • Leveraging your star ratings to attract more web traffic
  • Integrating Google Maps and Google My Business listings data to provide a seamless experience
  • Growing your online presence through effective online reputation management (ORM)
  • Improving your organic search rankings through customer feedback
Two colleagues looking at a laptop screen together.

Search Accelerator from can help you boost your rankings in local search.’s functionality within Google is something other ORM platforms simply cannot match. We are a GSR partner, a Premier Google Ads partner and a Featured Google My Business (GMB) partner, with many more Google capabilities behind the scenes. We are the only company in the world to hold both a GSR partnership and Google’s Private API, so we know this space like nobody else.

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