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How Roadchef Drives Customer Acquisition & Loyalty

106 %

review volume growth annually.

+ 25 %

increase in Listing ‘Clicks-to-Directions’ between 2021-2022, and +75% since 2020.

16 k

more reviews, on average each year, generated by Roadchef since 2017.

89.8 %

increase in ‘Clicks-to-Website’ from listing profiles.


Roadchef turned to Reputation back in 2017 for a scalable all-in-one solution to manage its online presence and drive customer acquisition and loyalty.

As a result, Roadchef has seen phenomenal results, including vast increases in customer feedback volumes, drastically enhanced online visibility, and improved efficiency with customer complaint and query management.

Roadchef’s partnership with Reputation endures to this day with the brand being one of the platform’s most loyal advocates.

How Roadchef Improved Customer Acquisition & Loyalty

Faced with the challenge of unifying its online presence and customer feedback channels, Roadchef embarked upon its partnership with Reputation to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Unification of Feedback Channels: Roadchef sought a centralised platform to unify and manage diverse online and digital customer feedback channels, including surveys and reviews.
  2. Increase Conversions: As a motorway service area operator, maximising conversions from Google listings and maps through ‘Clicks-to-Directions’ was crucial to Roadchef. This demanded a solution capable of improving listing accuracy and performance.
  3. Scalability: With ambitious long-term growth plans, Roadchef required a solution to expand alongside its evolving business landscape and needs.
  4. Enhanced Review Requesting: Roadchef aimed to request customer reviews for its service areas rather than specific stores and brands operating within its locations.

With Reputation as its solution provider, Roadchef successfully addressed these challenges and empowered the motorway service area operator to consolidate its customer feedback efforts while driving astounding growth in review volumes and listing conversions.

The Roadchef-Reputation partnership consolidated Roadchef’s position as a national leader and one of the most recognisable brands in the provision of motorway service areas.

With Reputation, Roadchef has achieved a 106% increase in review volume annually.


Since partnering with Reputation, Roadchef has:

  • Generated 16,433 more reviews on average each year.
  • Grew review volume by 106% annually.


Through Reputation’s respective Listings module, Roadchef has achieved:

  •  Google ‘Clicks-to-Directions’ increase of 646% year-over-year.
  • 6,847% more website visits through listing and online review optimisation
  • +25% Increase in Listing ‘Clicks-to-Directions’ between 2021-2022, and +75% since 2020.

Roadchef closes 89.8% of all tickets raised (customer issues) on time.


Roadchef adopted Reputation’s Actions module to streamline its management of customer queries and complaints. Now, Roadchef closes 89.8% of tickets raised on time and within an average 9-hour close time.

The Reputation platform has been a game-changer for us. This platform’s remarkable ease and efficiency have significantly improved our ability to manage and enhance our online reputation.

Reputation has transformed the way we handle customer feedback, making it easier to address concerns promptly. This not only enhances the customer experience but also turns potential negatives into positives. Our online review scores across various platforms have improved and remained at higher scores since we started using Reputation. The platform’s data-driven insights and analytics have empowered us to make informed decisions and implement changes that positively impact our online reputation.

The real-time monitoring and reporting features ensure we maintain the high standards our customers expect. Reputation has become an invaluable tool for Roadchef; it has helped us improve our practices, enhance the customer experience, and consistently maintain high review scores.”

Amanda Mason, Head of Marketing, Roadchef

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