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How Reputation helps JCT600 to put feedback to work

4.6 /5

Overall star rating has improved from 4.1 to 4.6 stars out of 5 since partnering with Reputation in 2018.

188 %

more reviews between 2017 (JCT600’s last year without Reputation) and 2022 with 97% review response rate.


Reputation Score for JCT600’s Porsche Centre Teesside dealership, the UK’s highest-ranked dealership in our 2022 Automotive Report.

148 %

increase in listing views, generating higher conversions including a 17% increase in website visits from listings.


Offering 25 brands from more than 50 dealerships across the north of England, JCT600 partnered with Reputation to ‘put feedback to work’, including by closing the feedback loop between customers and managers and implementing a central metric to benchmark overall CX performance.

By partnering with Reputation, JCT600 not only boosted its star ratings and review volumes but also established a number of its dealerships as industry leaders according to Reputation’s Automotive Report. Moreover, the company found that dealerships with the highest Reputation Scores are also the top performers in revenue, CSAT and profitability.

How JCT600 Puts Feedback To Work With Reputation

Recognising a need to put feedback to work, JCT600 partnered with Reputation to:

  • Improve the feedback loop between customers visiting dealerships and the management team.
  • Manage the online information of its dealerships, including business listings.
  • Engage customers on social media.
  • Increase the volume of customer reviews and feedback to gain insight into customers’ perspectives.
  • Utilise a central metric for JCT600’s overall CX programme.
  • Implement an easy-to-use platform that would ensure ‘buy-in’ across the business.

To achieve these aims, JCT600 invested in Reputation’s all-in-one Reputation Experience Management platform to respond to reviews, request reviews from customers, manage business listings across its locations, deploy customer surveys, and measure the overall effectiveness of its customer experience programme.

Customer Feedback

Through Reputation’s Reviews and Surveys modules, JCT600 has been able to dramatically increase its review volumes as well as review response rates. Moreover, JCT600 has raised its star ratings across its dealer network.

Since partnering with Reputation in 2018, JCT600 has:

  • Increased review volumes by a phenomenal 188% (2017 – 2022) 
  • Achieved a 97% review response rate
  • Boosted overall star ratings from 4.1 to 4.6 stars

Since partnering with Reputation, JCT600 achieved 188% more reviews between 2017 (their last year before implementing Reputation) and 2022.

The UK’s highest-ranked dealership

Porsche Teesside

Of all JCT600’s dealership success stories since partnering with Reputation, Porsche Teesside’s achievements are arguably the most impressive. For two consecutive years, the North-East dealership achieved the top spot in Reputation’s annual Automotive Reputation Report, outpacing fierce competition from other brands and achieving a Reputation Score of 924.

Watch JCT600’s Director of CX, Andy Bateman, and Porsche Centre Teesside’s Centre Principle, Ross Jameson, discuss how Reputation’s platform enables the dealership to put feedback to work to deliver moments of ‘magic’ to customers.


JCT600’s leadership recognised the importance of accurate business listings for dealership locations. Thus, the brand adopted Reputation’s Business Listings capability to address inaccuracies and ensure location data was kept up-to-date. 

As a result of using Reputation’s Business Listings module, JCT600 achieved:

  • 17% increase in the number of website visits from business listings
  • 148% more listing views overall

Reputation Score

17 out of 57 JCT600 locations boast a Reputation Score of 800 or more, earning each location a place in Reputation’s prestigious ‘800 Club’.

JCT600 adopted Reputation’s proprietary Reputation Score to monitor, understand and improve its overall brand health and CX performance. Now, JCT600 uses Reputation Score as the comprehensive CX metric which underpins its organisational, CX-driven culture at all levels – from the boardroom to the service area floor. What’s more, is that Reputation Score strongly correlates with dealership profitability, revenue and CSAT performance

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