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Chestnut Group and Reputation

How Chestnut Transformed Its Business Culture With Reputation

2.9 m

increase in social media ‘reach’ since 2021

74 %

more guest feedback in 2022 than in 2020

300 %

increase in listings views since implementing Reputation

93 %

review response rate in 2022 compared to 17% in 2020 and 50% in 2021


With their general managers battling to respond to high volumes of inbound feedback from numerous sources, Chestnut sought an easy-to-use platform to empower general managers to react to feedback.

Through Reputation, Chestnut has been able to generate more feedback while also significantly improving response rates across the organisation.

Moreover, Chestnut has succeeded in implementing Reputation to bring about a company-wide cultural change that is guest-centric and uses feedback to fuel the brand’s growth.

How Chestnut Instigated An Internal Cultural Change

To empower its general managers to react to large volumes of inbound guest feedback, Chestnut set out to:

  • Consolidate feedback from various sources into a single, easy-to-use platform
  • Establish a company-wide focus on guest feedback
  • Support the guest journey by actively managing the group’s business listings portfolio
  • Implement a scalable, comprehensive feedback management platform to enable the group to manage the entire guest journey, from awareness to advocacy

To achieve these aims, Chestnut invested in Reputation’s all-in-one Reputation Experience Management (RXM) platform to enable the brand to manage all feedback across its locations and provide high-level reporting to inform business and leadership decisions.

With Reputation, Chestnut has achieved a 93% response rate to inbound feedback in 2022, up from 50% in 2021 and 17% in 2020.

Inbound Feedback

Since partnering with Reputation, Chestnut has:

  • Increased review response rates significantly to achieve a 93% response rate
  • Generated 74% more feedback in 2022 when compared to 2020


Through Reputation’s Listings module, Chestnut has:

  • Achieved a 300% increase in business listing views
  • Achieved a 42% increase in ‘clicks to directions’ in 2022

Social Media

Through Reputation’s Social Suite, Chestnut has:

  • Increased Facebook reach to 5.81m in 2022 versus 3.77m in 2021
  • Increased Instagram reach from 265k in 2021 to 1.15 m in 2022

Chestnut’s Reputation Score is now 690, up 47 points since mid-2021

Reputation Score

Chestnut adopted Reputation’s proprietary Reputation Score to monitor, understand and improve its overall brand health. Now, the brand’s Reputation Score sits at 690 which represents a 47-point increase since mid-2021. 

Crucially, Chestnut uses Reputation Score as a core KPI which underpins company culture and informs staff incentives:

We’ve changed our culture to include a focus on non-financial KPIs. Reputation Score has become one of our core KPIs, to the point that we’re now paying staff bonuses based on the Reputation Score of our properties. Every week we review the Scores with our properties, and it’s developed a friendly and competitive rivalry between them.”

Tori Dexter
Head of marketing

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