Your Reputation Score is a Lens into Customer Sentiment

Adam Dorfman

Business growth relies on customer satisfaction. Today’s customers share their satisfaction — positive and negative — online, where the majority of consumers now go to check out products and services before they make purchase decisions.

As a business marketer, your challenge is to gauge the online reputation you’ve earned and, if necessary, improve it before it affects your brand image and financial outlook.

Fortunately, there’s an easy way to do that without having to hire staff to read through every review and business listing across the internet. It’s called your Reputation Score.

Gauge Your Success

Your Reputation Score analyzes every aspect of your company’s online presence.

This patented index is based on the volume, spread, recency and length of online reviews, as well as star ratings, search ranking and the accuracy of your online business listings. You can rely on this score as a measure of your company’s online reputation, as it gives you a quick and efficient way to stay current with customer sentiment.

Similar to the way your credit score provides insight into your ability to repay a debt, your Reputation Score provides insight into how satisfied your customer base is at any moment in time. This information helps you identify shortcomings as well as strengths, so you can make changes in the way locations operate — and improve the customer experience.

Resolve Business Shortcomings

Simply reading online reviews on major review sites or looking at your average star rating gives you incomplete data and can leave you with a serious blind spot regarding current customer sentiment.

A declining score provides early warning that you need to be more proactive in engaging your customers. For instance, you may discover you haven’t received a review in weeks or months. Your reviews may be undiscoverable or too short to be meaningful, or fewer people may be searching for your company by name.

Any of these issues can affect public perception as well as your search ranking — and impact your company’s growth and revenue.

Monitoring your Reputation Score helps you understand how customers perceive and talk about your locations. It provides insights your front line can use to reach out to customers, request feedback, resolve customer complaints, and improve operations.

Maintain a Great Customer Experience

If your score remains relatively high, you’ll want to keep doing what you’re doing. In this case, you can use customer feedback to determine what aspects of your service your customers appreciate most. Then, you can apply those learnings to other locations or areas of business.

You can also use feedback to identify and reward employees or teams contributing most to business success.

Knowing your Reputation Score empowers you to keep your business on the right track and continue to excel in the key areas that maximize your customer appeal.

Want to understand how your Reputation Score is calculated? Read our White Paper to see how we do it.

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