10 Jaw-Dropping User Generated Content Stats for Digital Marketers

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Creating content that keeps your social media pages humming with activity can be challenging. What if you could get others to do this for you? Enter user-generated content, which is pretty much anything you didn’t create but that you can leverage for engagement and conversions.

What Is User-Generate Content?

User-generated content (UGC) might include reviews, user-generated videos, blog posts, comments and photos. Sometimes brands collaborate with users for this content, but more often than not, it’s unsolicited, which makes it even more valuable.

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User-generated content is an essential part of a winning strategy for digital marketers.

While UGC might seem likely a shiny new acronym or buzzword, the truth is that billions of people have been publishing photos, videos and other types of content about brands for years. Now, we just have a name for it. Here are a few jaw-dropping stats related to user-generated content that will convince you to give it a closer look:

  1. Videos created by and featuring users achieve 10x more views on YouTube than those created by brands.
  2. More than 92% of consumers worldwide say they trust recommendations from others over other types of advertising.
  3. An incredible 90% of shoppers in the U.S. claim that UGC is the top influencer in their purchasing decisions.
  4. 84% of Millennial shoppers state that UGC on a company’s website is more trustworthy and memorable than other content.
  5. 72% of consumers say they’ve already submitted some type of UGC, and 84% say they do so to support a brand or cause that means something to them.
  6. Up to 70% of internet users admit that UGC is a more interesting form of content.
  7. Nielsen reports that under half of consumers trust newspaper, magazine and TV ads, but 70% trust online reviews.
  8. 48% of consumers state that UGC is an excellent way to discover new products.
  9. UGC shared on social platforms achieves 28% higher engagement than other posts by the brand.
  10. Research shows that shoppers are willing to pay more or settle for longer shipping times if the brand produces UGC.
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Brands need to closely monitor and respond to all types of user-generated content.

The Need for Brands to Interact with UCG

Having consumers and even other companies say good things about your business online is a golden opportunity. But you have to closely monitor what is happening on your online real estate and respond appropriately.

Anyone can post an image on your Google My Business page or provide a review that isn’t entirely accurate. Ideally, the feedback you receive will be positive, but every mention of your business gives you an opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to customer service and make improvements to the customer experience.

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