3 Tips to Get Buy-in for Online Reputation Management

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You can make all the right moves to manage your healthcare company’s online reputation — but to really succeed, you’ll ultimately need buy-in from physicians and managers.

Here are a few tips to generate broad-based support and genuine enthusiasm.

1. Forging Consensus for Reputation Management

When you first present the concept of Online Reputation Management, it won’t be unusual for some physicians, teams, and locations to bristle. Some may feel that it will be an added burden to their already busy schedules, or that you’re just surfacing negative online feedback.

However, buy-in becomes easier when they understand that requesting and responding to online patient reviews drives providers up in web search results, grows visits and admissions, and can help identify ways to deliver better care.

2. How to Put Online Reputation Management in Action

To drive adoption, follow this approach: Circulate positive reviews to let everyone know what they’re doing right.

Then, send out negative notifications to the specific locations mentioned in reviews. The goal is for location providers and managers to see this feedback as actionable data — and as an opportunity to improve.

Managers at each location can work with their risk manager to review the patients’ concerns and respond — in a HIPAA-compliant way — to the review.

Use the feedback to rectify problems and make operational improvements. Progress reports can be sent to department heads letting them know that the location is actively working to resolve any issues.

On a monthly basis, the manager should disseminate progress reports to all locations — including department managers, executives, physicians and staff — so everyone can see what has improved.

3. Generating Genuine Buy-in

Once everyone is used to seeing review data on a regular basis, they’ll understand the true impact that ORM is having. Stakeholders that originally may have wanted no part in review monitoring tend to take a very active interest in how they’re doing — and a little healthy competition often ensues!

With this transparency in place, your teams can develop best practices to continuously deliver the high-quality experience patients expect. It is then that your online reputation will truly reflect actual patient satisfaction.

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