TenFour Boosts Customer Success Initiatives With Reputation.com

October 7, 2019

TenFour Boosts Customer Success Initiatives With Reputation.com

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. — October 7, 2019 Reputation.com, provider of the first and only complete cloud-based enterprise reputation and customer experience management platform, today announced that TenFour, IT infrastructure provider, will use the Reputation.com online reputation management (ORM) platform to assess feedback from its corporate customers in real time, ultimately improving the customer experience and driving business growth.

In the Feedback Economy, customers weigh in with their feedback on all aspects of a business, shaping brand perceptions and greatly influencing purchasing decisions. To succeed in the highly transparent Feedback Economy, businesses must first understand what’s driving consumer sentiment, and then take action to improve it. Reputation.com’s integrated SaaS platform manages consumer reviews, surveys and social media interactions across a company’s online points of presence, enabling brands to quickly gather consumer feedback and address it.

Until now, Reputation.com has focused exclusively on improving the reputations of location-based B2C enterprises in various industries like automotive, healthcare and retail. With TenFour, Reputation.com now addresses the B2B market. In fact, partnering with TenFour represents a new opportunity for not just Reputation.com, but for B2B companies to better collect feedback, data and analytics from their corporate customers and enhance their operations and experiences accordingly. Although TenFour’s business is enterprise-level IT infrastructure, it differentiates itself from competitors with a comprehensive focus on customer experience, satisfaction and success. TenFour will deploy Reputation.com’s surveys alongside a schedule of on-boarding and customer relationship maintenance, enabling them to assess feedback in real time and adjust the experience to better meet their partners’ goals.

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“Reputation management is especially tricky in the Digital Age, when customer sentiment is broadcast to an audience of millions in seconds. That’s why every company in every industry must commit to improving the customer experience by engaging quickly and often, and addressing any issues immediately,” said Chris Lee, chief revenue officer, Reputation.com. “With Reputation.com, TenFour proves its commitment to improving the customer experience — and upholding its reputation — by collecting customer feedback and immediately acting on it. In doing so, TenFour is ensuring its success in the Feedback Economy.”

“Customer success initiatives have been thriving in SaaS companies for some time, but in the infrastructure world they’re a budding area. TenFour knows the value in surrounding customers with the white-glove treatment a customer success program provides,” Jessica Carroll, TenFour’s Vice President of Customer Success, explains. “The addition of Reputation.com to our program opens an interactive digital channel for customers to share feedback and gives our Customer Success team the ability to track experiences in real time.”

For more information about Reputation.com and the customer survey resources they provide, visit www.reputation.com or call +1 800 888 0924.

For more information about TenFour and the IT infrastructure service they provide, please visit www.tenfour.com, email hello@tenfour.com, or call +1 973 267 5236.

About Reputation.com
Reputation.com delivers the only integrated SaaS platform that helps location-based enterprises improve their reputation with consumers online and onsite, across the entire customer journey – from finding a location on search, to conversion, to operational improvements that deliver a better customer experience.

Reputation.com technology manages tens of millions of consumer reviews, surveys and social media interactions across hundreds of thousands of online points of presence for global companies spanning 77 industry verticals, including healthcare, retail, automotive, restaurants and others. To learn more, visit www.reputation.com.

About TenFour
At TenFour we believe businesses deserve the freedom to forget daily IT challenges and focus on innovation. That’s why we built the first private domain, global IT infrastructure subscription service. Design, installation, operation, monitoring, refresh, and more: everything in the IT environment is included. From routers and switches to Unified Communications & Collaboration (UCC) systems and Internet of Things (IoT) integrations, we deliver the performance and reliability businesses need to grow and pursue digital transformation. IT leaders are building the future of business, but they don’t have to build it alone. TenFour’s here to help.

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