RAD Practice Exercise 1.2 Search Ranking Insights

At BDP, we have optimized our business listing and now we want to see if our efforts are making an impact in our search rankings. To do this, we will use Search Ranking Insights, a new feature in the Business Listings solution.

Work through the self-guided exercise below. Click the box icon in the lower right-hand corner to view the exercise in full-screen mode and click Start Tutorial to begin.

Self-Guided Exercise


1. Let’s walk through the new Map Rankings feature. Hover over Listings.

Step 1 image

2. Click Map Rankings.

This will show you a snapshot of your listing performance and how your listings are ranking in local searches.

Step 2 image

3. The Rank Distribution module shows a breakdown of where your business is ranking in searches.

Step 3 image

4. Hover over the green bar in the Fri, March 24, 2023 column of the bar graph.

Step 4 image

5. Notice how we ranked in the top 1-3 results for 50% of searches. However, for 39% of searches, we did not rank in the top 20 at all.

Step 5 image

6. Now, let’s turn our attention to Ranking by Keyword. These lines signify the rank distribution trend of keyword searches.

Step 6 image

7. Hover over the line to see how different keywords rank and the history. Notice how in February, the term “resort” ranked 16th in the top 20 results…

Step 7 image

8. …and then in March, the same keyword “Resort” ranked 20th in the search results.

Step 8 image

9. Now let’s take a look at Location Ranking by Keyword. Here, you’ll find additional keyword search information. You can view the average ranking for each word being searched and the top ranking that was achieved in the simulated search.

Step 9 image

10. Click Map View.

Step 10 image

11. This view shows the search results conducted by the platform. The mock search conducted will simulate a search in several locations within 2 kilometers of your business. The circle icons show the rank of your business at specific radial locations.

Step 11 image

12. Great! You have reached the end of this exercise.

Return to the presentation and await further instructions from the Reputation team.

Step 12 image

Here’s an interactive tutorial

** Best experienced in Full Screen (click the icon in the top right corner before you begin) **


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