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2024 Healthcare Rankings Report
The 2024 Healthcare Rankings Report delves into the ever-changing landscape of the industry and one thing becomes clear: patients prioritize feedback when selecting care.
Revitalising Gym Brands and the Fitness Industry: Adapting to Consumer Sentiment and Winning Trust in 2024
Discover what matters to gym members in 2024. Learn how your gym brand can win consumer trust and understand member sentiment.
Thrive Communities rendering
Thrive Communities — A Testimony to Review Growth and Sustainability
In property management, distinguishing your brand requires innovation and a keen understanding of resident sentiment. Read how Thrive Communities achieved this by collaborating with Reputation.
David Mingle
State Of The Industry: The Macro-Shift In Consumer Feedback
Dave Mingle, Vice President of Product at Reputation, the leading reputation management platform for the automotive industry, discusses how extracting insights from holistic data can drive strategy and lead to success.
Consumer Feedback Has Changed And Why it Matters
How Consumer Feedback Has Changed – And Why It Matters
In this webinar, the former Global Director of Customer Experience Strategy at General Motors shares straightforward methodologies to help dealers extract actionable insights from feedback data to make informed decisions and win business.
How Airport Lounges and Travel Brands are Prioritising Reputation Performance and CX
Explore the significant role of reputation management in the travel industry, unveiling strategies used by SSP, MAG, and No1 Lounges. Discover how prioritising customer experience revolutionises the success of travel brands in the digital era.
Join the Social Conversation: 10 Tips for Leveraging User-Generated Content
Discover how authentic narratives, customer engagement, and strategically integrating user-generated content can transform your brand's social presence, fostering a deeply connected and loyal community.
Boost Your Social Marketing: 6 Ways to Supercharge Your Local Presence
Supercharge your brand's local social presence and foster genuine customer engagement with these six strategies for leveraging user-generated content (UGC).
Elevate Your Local Social Presence: The Power of User-Generated Content
Harness the power and authenticity of user-generated content (UGC) to transform your brand’s local social marketing and reputation management strategies.
Understanding Consumer Sentiment for Business Success: Your Ultimate Guide
Understand how you can leverage consumer sentiment to foster business success with this detailed guide.
Online Reputation Checklist: How to Understand Your Consumer Sentiment in the Digital Age
Business growth begins with understanding your consumers. Learn how leading brands get the entire consumer picture with public and private feedback.
Elevate Your Business: Tap into Consumer Sentiment for Growth
How to get the full picture of consumer sentiment by leveraging public and private feedback.

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